Special moments

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I have a lot of special moments in my work because I try to discover every bits of squirrels’ life. For example, I use their foot prints to know where they live.

Their foot prints look like this:


I also enjoy very much when I can get closer to them:

barbary ground squirrel Barbary ground squirrel – Fuerteventura, Canary Island

albert.jpg Eastern grey squirrel @ Wilkes-Barre, USA

29103410_10155023975421627_8271311352081710817_n.jpg Eurasian red squirrel @ Hokkaido, Japan

14485034_10153720906846627_7154968039917561813_n.jpg Eastern grey squirrel @ New York, USA

29136045_10155023828851627_3160154632624078796_n.jpg Eurasian red squirrel @ Obihiro, Japan

Picture1.jpg  Pallas’s squirrel @ Taipei, Taiwan

Or when I see

29472080_10155044990036627_2632073934053666567_n.jpg Eurasian red squirrel @ Obihiro Japan

and BABY Eurasian red squirrel!! 😀


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